found friday: jeremy miranda

I'm in love with the artwork of Jeremy Miranda. I have had the first two paintings in a folder for months waiting to make an appearance on this blog. I wanted to pair them with more of his marvelous creations but his etsy shop was always low. Low and behold he is an etsy featured seller this week with a full stock of artwork in his shop.

A greenhouse in winter. Have you had the pleasure? I did last week. It is so rejuvenating in the dead of winter. High humidity, warm breezes and green tropical growth as far as the eye can see. A perfect winter outing, even with children. I picked a few plants to brighten up my bedroom that I will show later.

So get out and find a greenhouse in your area! If you are in my area (northern nj outside of nyc) email me at flowersofthesun {at} gmail {dot} com and I will give you some good suggestions. It is pouring rain here today. I'm listening to the new radiohead album my hubs just purchased. Perfect day for it.

happy weekend!


  1. Yes, I saw his stuff on Etsy, it's awesome. I love it - the contrast of the outside part and then the vibrancy within the greenhouse. Love it!

  2. omg. he is my new favorite painter. i did a post on him about a month ago. the new paintings are just gorgeous.

  3. Goodmorning and such a wooooonderful place,here! I didn't know this painter,but I like these artworks,thanks for sharing! I use to walk through several greenareas here in Rome! I adore these moments!
    Have a great day!


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