say it with flowers

Make sure you say it with flowers this valentines day! Or be sure to hint to your lover that you want them. A potted plant is another great idea for your valentine. They can brighten up their dreary desk and purify the air around where they sit. Plus every time they see it, it will remind them of you. Lets hope they have some what of a green thumb or you might remind them of crispy brown shriveled leaves. 

my love collage:
1- saipua: coleus floral arrangement 
2- jason home & garden: Ribbon wrapped vase floral design 
3- muddpuppy: hanging air plant pod
4- floral art:fuchsia sequin floral design
5- flora grub: rock pot
6- terrain: mahogany wreath
7- floral art: succulent arrangement in male and female bust vases
8- logee's : begonia curly fireflush potted plant
9- terrain: i love you cards

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