how-to: fall bulb plantings Part I

1- tulip bulbs , 2- vintage garden tools , 3- garden tool belt, 4- gardening gloves, 5- gardening boots

The air is crisp and cool, fall scents and decor are in our homes. Warm and hearty dinner dishes are taking over the light summer salads. Who on earth is thinking about spring?? You should be!
Fall is the time to plant your spring hardy bulb flowers. They need the cold winter soil to hibernate in before they make their grand appearance in the spring. This week I am going to be posting about planting bulbs in the fall so follow along and learn a little bit if you are unfamiliar.

Start planning out your spring bulb garden now. The rule of thumb is to plant the bulbs after the first fall frost or when the soil temperature drops below 60 degrees. It is still a little bit early for us here in Jersey but should be perfect soon.
Think about where you want to plant your spring garden.
- the spot should get at least 6 hours of full sun
- it should be well drained and not prone to collecting a lot of water
-the soil should be well nourished. Mix in some of your organic compost or peat moss to enhance it.

newbie? find more great bulb info here

stay tuned for different types of bulbs to plant now for a spring show


  1. Yea! I love tulips and daffodils in the spring but am completely intimidated by the process! With you to guide me maybe this will be the year

  2. this is the year! not much to it but digging a hole and sticking in some bulbs!


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