heaven is here

I want to recommend a good book I just finished. Many of you are probably familiar with nie nie and her heroic story. Nie nie dialogs is a blog that I and many of you, have followed for years. Her book, Heaven is Here, is just as intriguing and even more uplifting that her blog posts already are. She retells the story of the horrific plane crash that left her at the brink of death and burned over 80% of her body. The memoir visits the lonely and hard days of her recovery; her children afraid of her new appearance, the inability to do the simplest tasks and her struggle to accept the new nie nie. The book is full of love, inspiration to get through any tough trial and hope. Lots of hope. It is the perfect quick summer read.
For a little more about it watch this video.


  1. Oooo I've been wanting to read that. I just have to wait until I have the cash...

  2. i got mine from the library! actually the library even ordered it for me and reserved it for me to be the first to read it!!


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