jasmine trees in container gardens

A few more container gardens from this season. The containers at the top were so large, along with the house that we had to fill them up with something substantial. We chose jasmine tree trellises as the center focal. They were so fragrant with a lovely and sweet smell, our client was thrilled. Does jasmine grow where you live? Summer breeze, makes me feel fine.. blowing through the jasmine in my mind ;)


  1. Oh, how I LOVE those jasmine containers! Thank you for posting this. I have been reading your blog for a while now (creepy lurker) and finally decided that those stoop containers and the topiary on the path were too awesome NOT to say something!! Is that ranunculus with the topiary in the center? I will definitely be using this as inspiration for my front porch in Tennessee...

  2. chelsea,
    thanks so much for your lovely comment! i dont mind creepy lurkers. i realize that is what my blog is made up of and I am always a kreepy non-commenty lurker on other people's blogs too ;)

    it is pink double begonias in the center of the topiary design!

  3. Beautiful! Makes me wish I at least rescued those jasmines from walmart clearance. How irresponsible am I??

  4. Container gardens are great. They are so versatile & give a yard a very creative edge.


  5. Oh My! I love these container gardens. They add so much symmetry, colours and moods to the surroundings.

    Great work, absolutely great work!!

  6. Simply Beautiful ! Simply Awesome ! Loved it the kind of Greenery all around.


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