a trip to the greenhouse

I spent a sunny day yesterday working at another business that I run, Fresh Art Plantings, with a great florist friend Julie. We design lush container plantings and have lots of fun doing it. The early spring season has officially started. We headed off to one of our favorite greenhouse farms to stock up on frost resistant early spring flowers for a client.

We took a few wagon loads of pansies. Ultimate frost proof beauties.
We snagged two large boxwood trees too for our client's front door containers...
We walked the stone paths outside full of perennial flowers, shrubs and trees.
I noticed these beautiful blooming forsythia bushes wrapped tightly for landscapers to take to their new homes.
and this wonderful display of potted ranunculus.
my wagon of flores del sol supply goodies:
Inside the greenhouses the colors are so vibrant. It's bright. Large pots, narrow walk ways between rows of potted hydrangea, a stray cat. The large blowing fans are loud but provide warm breezes with hints of peat moss and Easter lilies.
Looking for something to do this weekend? Walk through a local greenhouse. Pick out a new plant and study it's name. It will rejuvenate you, I promise.

Next week I will post our DIY frost resistant container planting!



  1. Oh my, how lovely! I love the vibrant Spring colors! Gorgeous!!!

  2. So beautiful! Love all of your photos! Those boxwood trees are lovely...

  3. How fun. I wish we had good garden centers where I live around Houston TX. It is all sooooo Home Depot-ish....

  4. oh no! home depot just wont do it. you could pick out a plant and learn its name there though... :)

  5. What a wonderful post! I really felt the experience of this greenhouse, and what a nice one it is! The pictures and descriptions are just lovely. :) Shiny Pebble- look around a bit, you might be surprised. We're in Austin and we just found one tucked off of a highway where you would only chance upon it- there might be some hidden gems in Houston too!


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