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Billy buttons! So spring! Who knew such a little flower could have so many names? Billy buttons, billy balls, Australian bachelor buttons and drumstick flower. Their proper name: craspedia globosa or pycnosorus globosa.
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A little bit about billy buttons: They are a perennial wildflower of New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. You can buy them as seeds to plant in the United States. These tall textured flowers would make a great addition to a garden. Depending on the zone you live in, the seeds can be perennial(grow back yearly) in the south or an annual (needs to be replanted yearly) in the more northern states. Best of all, once you've grown them, they dry easily because of their dense spherical shape.

Interesting fact: In my research I've found they may have been recently reclassified to the genus pycnosorus from the genus craspedia.

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  1. Yay for Australian flora! WOo hoo! These are gorge. Love the happy yellows!

  2. WOW - you found some awesome pictures of them. They are beautiful!

  3. if you cant tell... they are my favorite lately!!!!!

  4. these are beautiful!

    I love your work too. i've never seen anything like it!

  5. The one with the tall blue vase is totally my favorite! Marija

  6. These are so cool, I've never seen anything like these, but I think I might be in love with them now, and wish that I had them all over my home! Thank you so much for bringing these into my life!


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