the death of a few glue guns

Being trained in using predominantly fresh flowers, hot temp glue guns were foreign to me in design. I did use them growing up with popsicle sticks and puffy paint wall hangings but never really mixed with floral design. I've slowly grown accustom to using a glue gun and now, in my dried designs, it's the most essential thing I use! Over the past year I've seen 4 literally blow up and start on fire. So today I finally stepped up and spent the big bucks on one more than $10.

Ugh ok, Im going to complain about them here. Does anyone really enjoy using a hot glue gun? I've gotten 3rd degree burns a few too many times and the little stringgies I have to pull of every petal drive me nuts! Oh how I miss my pocket knife... the only necessity I needed in fresh floral design.

It is warming up now to 380 degrees so I'm off to finish up some custom orders :)

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  1. I know what you mean. Burns, burns, burns, that is my association with hot glue guns. I ended up buying one that say "cold/low heat" but I still got burns. Go figure... so dangerous yet so useful! Happy crafting..!

  2. gorilla glue? totally just kidding.
    maybe you could get those industrial rubber gloves that mold to your hand and take heat.
    I realize I'm not helpful at all, ya! lol


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