the alphabet of flowers

A for Aster, B for Balsam, C for Calceolaria and Cactus, D for Dahlia, E for Erica, F for Fuschia, G for Geranium:

H for Hyacinth, I for Iris, J for Jonquil and Jasmine, K for Kalmia, L for Larkspur, M for Marigold and Mignonette:

N for Nasturtium, O for Oleander, P for Pink and Passion-flower, Q for Quince, R for Rose, S for Sweet William, Scabious and Stock:

T for Tulip, U for Umbilicus, V for Verbena, W for Wallflower, X for Xeranthemum, Y for Yellow Water Lilly and Z for Zinnia:

Beautiful, beautiful prints I found at the Royal Horticulture Society. They are images from a Victorian 1895 Children's Book "The Alphabet of Flowers". How lovely these prints would look in my little girl's room!
What is your favorite? I love the illustration of S for Sweet William.


  1. These are lovely and my favorite is always tulip...have a great weekend! : )

  2. I love the passion flower illustration- I actually collect alphabets and this one is beyond wonderful. I like P the best because of the carnation being called a "pink" I guess that fell out of usage because of more colors being available?

  3. Even though I also tend to lean toward tulips, I love the desert cactus illustration! After 4 years I guess I am getting more accustomed to living in the desert myself!


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