string gardens

Art and urban gardening at its finest! Amsterdam horticulturist Fedor has created string gardens by designing root balls made of string, moss, dirt, grass and seeds in the Japanese botanical style fashion, kokedama. As the plants flourish, he balances them upright with string. His how to secrets are left to the imagination and the web site is mostly in dutch but worth a green while browsing here.
I have become a facebook fan and I must say, its the best thing that pops up on my feed!

stunning. What a fabulous shop window this would make :)


  1. The best thing that shows up in your feed, eh? I feel an "un-friending" coming on. LOL Just playin'! That's super cool.

  2. Oh...and that's ME, not Cristian....oops!

  3. These are so much fun...I will send to my dutch nieces : )


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