eugenia topiary container garden

1} 1- 10" lavender lobelia broken into 2 clusters
2} 3- 6" tropical pink hibiscus
3} 1- 10" eugenia topiary
4} 1- 11" wandering jew broken into 3 clusters
5} 3- 4" cotton candy pink double impatiens
6} 2- 4" lime green potato vine
7} 2- 8" fuchsia petunia
8} 2- 4" lime green creeping jenny
9} fiberglass urn from the former Smith & Hawken

This particular client has two of these beautiful lavender and fuchsia container gardens framing her doorway. This specific container garden recipe is great for partial sun and shade. Therefore I was able to use inpatients and the wandering jew because the containers are not in full in sun.

For each and every plant, take it out of it's plastic pot and gently loosen the roots. Take off a lot of the extra soil and save it for compacting it at the end. If a plant calls for splitting, gently wedge them apart in clusters. When container gardening, it is best to use mostly full grown plants in hanging baskets or 8" pots. It gives instant satisfaction. Filler flowers are great in 4" and will eventually grow to fill and beautify throughout the summer.

Start with the topiary. Make sure it is nestled in the pot nice, roots slightly loosened and sturdy to prevent it from shifting in the wind. Next, I place in all the creepers (wandering jew, creeping jenny, potato vine, and lobelia) mounded and trailing in about 3 clusters around the lip of the planter. Follow the creepers with the filler focal flowers like the petunia and hibiscus which should be tucked in and around the topiary and creepers. Lastly, fill in any open holes with the impatiens. Be sure to add the extra soil in any holes to compact and prevent any of the plants from falling out. Water and fertilize often!


  1. this is gorgeous, thanks for explaining...

  2. Awesome stuff Tina....are you ready for your own cable show yet...seriously.


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