fire escapes

I have a fire escape, with a very very old plaque that states there is a $10 fine if anything is placed on it. For fear of the large fine, I only have a clump of moss from a patch of woods in a local park that is still thriving from last autumn sitting on the black metal strips. I also have a small wooden planter box with wandering Jew and pink polka dot plants that liven my mornings on the window sill. I would love to create a garden bliss hanging outside my window, but we all know how unsafe that would be. Enjoy a few photos of these amazing fire escapes:
Child on Fire Escape, 1966, Bruce Davidson:

the wandering jew and pink polka dot plants outside my window:
proggie flickr and gary heller :
while browsing flickr, I came across this photo Spori Fire Escape from my college alma mater Brigham Young University-Idaho (Then Ricks College)! The date is unknown, but I love the pioneer bonnet on the young woman, so old western:

Kristine Paulus flickr:

via Apartment Therapy:

Heatspell, 1938 by Weegee- Children Sleeping on a Fire Escape. Oh how I love this photo:


  1. Lovely photos...I find nothing as beautiful as plants on balconies but I understand safety too. I think the planters with soft material are probably ok. Have a great day, and your little plants look quite happy!

  2. Bruce Davidson & Weegee are some of my favorites. I think Berenice Abbott would fit in this category too.

    PS I'm buying some stuff for a hanging garden today. We'll see how green my thumb is...

  3. mrs little jeans- actually.. i am not too worried about safety, but it is in my contract that nothing or no one is allowed out on them :(

    annie-Berenice Abbott is one of my all time favorites! please post your hanging garden progress!

  4. the green building is stunning.

    have a wonderful day!

    xo Alison


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