dahlhaus ceramics

I miss that feeling, of cold clay slipping through my fingers, dust on my clothes and splattered silt in my hair. I took quite a few ceramics classes in college and spent countless hours throwing on the wheel. Someday, my dream home will include a small pottery studio where I can design my own containers for my designs like I once did. Until then I will swoon over ceramic artists and their creativity. Dahlhaus ceramics are beyond beautiful. With clean lines and vibrant flowers, these vessels are handmade by Heather Braun-Dahl in lush British Colombia, Canada. I love the cake platters, but my favorite would be the daffodil floral arrangement vase. Take a look at her etsy store here and her website here.


  1. I did pottery too when I was in college and I had seen this pottery on Etsy...oh how I wish to own an entire set...thank you for lengthening my wish list : )

  2. Those are SO lovely! I feel happy when I look at them!

  3. The graphic design of these dahlias on the ceramic make it look so modern. Very fresh!


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