a little carnivorous break

Running low on moss and pottery for my shop, I recently headed to my favorite supply destination. A quaint cluster of greenhouses nestled up a hill off a busy New Jersey route. I also needed a little time to myself to wander and stare at the isles of tropical foliages, variegated striped leaves and interesting textures. A little rejuvenation from the mundane pool, park and grocery store routine that ensues my days each week. Because I was free of toddlers and sticky fingers, I could finally wander the isles of pottery, house plants and scrounge around the basket barn.
These plants caught my eye and left me staring.
nepenthes or pitcher plant. A carnivorous plant, straight out of the jungles of planet earth. Their pitcher shaped cups hold digestive juices that feed on unsuspecting insects that fall victim to their design. The are found in the tropics of many regions like Thailand, Madagascar, Sumatra, Philippines and now... your local green house.

These tiny zesty plants called nertera. So cute no?
I found it interesting that the nertera plant must sit in a few inches of water continually in order to live. Over watering and sitting in constant water is the biggest mistake that black thumbs make when it comes to house plants. Stagnant water rots plant roots and ultimately drowns the plant. But these nerteras thrive on the sitting water, making them therefore hard to over water. The impossibility to over water ultimately makes a great and simple houseplant to keep alive, as long as it has a little sun to keep it's bright orange beaded fruit cheerful . How modern their tiny clusters of berries are.

and ah yes, the beautiful crowd pleaser! lovely flowering succulents, echeveria-hens and chicks


  1. Pitcher Plant! Isn't nature a constant wonder? Beautiful. I've always loved Hens & Chickens and recently told my husband that whenever we finish the porch area, we need to get some. I've never heard of the little orange berry plants, but they're adorable!♥

  2. Is there such a thing as an ugly plant...I love all three, especially the nertera! Simply lovely!

  3. How very interesting! I've never heard of Nepthes or Netera ...but someone who loves me sent me an Echeveria for Mother's Day last year...(thank you!) It is doing very well in a pot on my desert patio.

  4. so...if you leave your finger in a pitcher plant...will they slowly digest your finger as well? *shudder*

  5. ewww!!! it probably would digest your finger!


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