flower ID: coleus

Coleus makes a great cut flower. With colorful Indian summer tones, it is no wonder that my three year old daughter pulled these out of our neighbors little patch of flowers last week. At first, I was mad at her for picking flowers that do not belong to us, until I saw that more good was actually done than bad. Pinching back coleus encourages a more bushier plant. Plus the little sprigs made her so happy and have brightened up our kitchen table for over a week now.

coleus cuttings via joeysplantings on flickr
Coleus are so easy to take cuttings of and propagate. Our little sprigs already have long enough roots to place in soil and grow a new plant. Once growing outdoors they are very hearty in both shade and sun and are perfect in container plantings as an alternative texture to flowers.

image via better homes and gardens july 2010


  1. How pretty. I wish I wasn't such a Black Thumb!

  2. I noticed that it's your 2 year anniversary of having an Etsy store. Congrats! Your stuff is awesome as usual!


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