flower ID: fiddlehead ferns

Fiddlehead fern curls. A woodland element sprucing up bridal bouquets and floral designs with organic texture and natural flair. Also called monkey tails (but not by me), fiddlehead ferns are just as popular as an unexpected item sauteed on a menu. Both fresh and dried fiddleheads are fragile to the touch due to their heavy drooping curls which are supported by thin stems. They are formed by uncurling from the center of a fern plant and plucked at their curling ripeness. Currently in my shop I have craspedia and fiddleheads for sale. I bought out the supply of dried fiddleheads locally and I am having a hard time finding more. Send good vibes my way!

ps- floresdelsol blog is now streaming on artessen, the top visual indie and design blogs. Hooray! I'm honored!


  1. Congratulations to you and I am so with you, fiddleheads are fiddleheads and not monkey tails! Enjoy the recognition!

  2. thanks for the lesson, and hurrah @ being featured on the blog!!


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