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One of my favorite classes in college was plant ID. Yes. I loved the fact that I was being forced to memorize the common and scientific names of all houseplants. Strange, I know but I'm infatuated with plants. I know it stems from my mom who had plants around our house growing up and was always rooting cuttings on the windowsill. She also threw plant parties (you know like Tupperware parties) in the 70's before I came along.

Our bedroom was lacking umph so my husband and I picked out a couple little fellas to pot up and cleanse the air in our room. How happy they make me! Not only are these plants good for the air you breathe, but they are good for your soul too. A bit of living green inside has always brightened my spirits.

Have I inspired you to go get some houseplants yet?

Stay tuned, I will show some of the best plants for natural air purification in your home!


  1. I love memorizing names of houseplants too but usually forget...I have the one on the left, needs no care..I have to be careful with big pots because our cat likes to dig out the dirt and pee on comes from the days when he was living in a forest...have a great day!

  2. I've really been wanting to get a really big plant for our house for years to clean the air. I like the huge ones with huge leaves. They have some nice ones at ikea....well they look nice to me, I don't know anything about plants....

  3. I love the idea of houseplants, but i am such a black thumb!

  4. Want some Jade ;). I haven't killed it yet and once I figure out how to prune it I will re-pot some for you if you'd like.

  5. I didn't throw plant parties I actually WAS the plant party lady! I carried flats of plants and plants in containers into parties, did a presentation on different types of plants, and made a very few dollars for my time... BUT I loved it! I love plants! I hope they become popular again. The nut (you) didn't fall far from the tree... Mom


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