This is me, when I was three in 1987. I'm the one on the left, nose deep in a rose with one of my sisters Annie. I love this photo. You see, my head has always been stuck in flowers, one way or another. I've been in love with them since birth. Probably due to the fact that I was given the middle name Rose.

I have vivid memories of my mother's garden roses. Especially their sweet and potent scent. Rarely will any florist rose have the pure scent as a true garden rose. The rich scent of garden roses are bred out of a florist rose on purpose to lengthen their vase life leaving their smell weak and dull. But once in a while, a certain variety will smell so pure and sweet that instantly I am 3 again with my nose deep in fresh garden petals.

I now have a cute, flower happy three year old with a little sister in toe and another girl on the way. Remind me to plant a rosebush for my three year old. Her middle name is Rose.


  1. LOVE this. I think there were red, pink and yellow? I think the pink smelled the strongest? Thats just what I dug out of my memory, it could be completely wrong. There was one color that was stronger than the others though....

  2. Yes! i think it was the pink that smelled the sweetest. :)

  3. Sorry - It was the one just to the right in the picture - Coral! My favorite! Did you girls even know that I grew & tested roses for Jackson Perkins when you were little? They sent rose bushes... I planted and tended and answered hundreds of questions about color, fragrance, size of blooms, length of stems, lasting quality after cut and on the bush, etc. I LOVED it... I guess the rose doesn't fall too far from the bush, Tina!


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