perfect getaway.

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Last night for dinner my Chilean husband made some amazing Chilean completos. I ate 3. No joke. Normally I can only scarf down one. I'm blaming my pregnancy and sudden expanding belly. We got to talking about how we need to plan another trip to Chile (sans kids) in the future. And stay at this dreamy Hotel Montana Magica in Huilo Huilo, Chile.

happy fin de semana :)

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  1. wow! ese lugar luce hermoso!
    Hope can visit Chile some day...

    feliz fin de semana!

  2. My husband lived in Chile for 2 years and looove completos. Care to share the recipe your husband used?

  3. sure! They are quite simple. A good hotdog and bun, then top with chopped tomatoes, palta (avocado mashed with a little bit of salt and olive oil),and a little bit of mayo on the dog too. its so tasty!


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