found friday: lucie everett

ok, I promise this is the last post with houseplants in it...... this week :)
I thought this was a lovely painting by Lucie Everett. Via {frolic!}.

Hey! It's friday! Happy weekend.


  1. i LOVE house plants! i have two. my rubber plant is growing great!!! i'm dissapointed that it wasn't on the list for cleaning the air in your home. boo. remember when we were in that plant selling class together?? i need to get a new jade plant and dig out that pot you gave me for my 19th birthday! i know what you mean about just having a love for plants... i do too, and i also LOVED plant id. as hard as it was to remember all of that it was well worth it. the years are making me forget everything though. i need to start memorizing again!

  2. I have seen the rubber plant on a different list for cleaning the air so not to worry! its working!


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