a busy week

Ask any florist and they will tell you, Mother's Day is killer. It killed me. But everyone has/had a mother and loves to show them appreciation. I sure hope all the recipients of my fresh and dried flower arrangements enjoyed them!
This week has been dominated by container planting. What lovely weather Julie and I have had to be outdoors planting up pretty containers. The image above is of a grower we go to and the isles of begonias warming and growing in the sun waiting to be shipped off to their destinations. That's jersey fresh!

a sneaky peek of a container planting we designed yesterday:

white mandevilla vine trellis, coral geranium, purple petunia, purple verbena and little white globe flowers

I plan on gardening a bit in my yard this weekend. I'm so excited to finally have a yard this year! Enjoy your fin de semana!

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  1. Looks deliciously busy.

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