thursday morning: spider plant propagation

a spider plant I used in an outdoor container planting last week

In my last post a reader made a comment about how "plants seem to go through fashion cycles". Is this true? If so, can I change this and get some back in style?

How about the spider plant. As seen in houses abound in the 70's plant craze, you rarely see them anymore. The leaves are beautiful and variegated (green with white lines) and I think, if placed in the right pot and space in your home, a bit modern.

Little baby offspring shoot out from the mama spider plant and are easily rooted to make new little spidey plants. The photo above is from my recent trip to the greenhouse. We snagged a few of theses spider plants to incorporate in our outdoor container plantings. I cut off a few of the baby offspring and simply stuck them in a vase of water at home on my kitchen shelf to encourage root growth. That was a week ago and already I am seeing some progress!! As soon as more roots grow they can then be placed in a little pot with soil.

i'll keep you updated on my spidey's progress.

It's funny, in college I had a neighbor with plant fever. He would go around campus and take cuttings of different indoor plants and then propagate them in his apartment. I'm not encouraging steeling cuttings from college campuses and malls, but hey it can be done :)


also check out the kind words and recommendation Elle Decor (!!!) said about me and flores del sol blog here!!


  1. I'm the one who made the remark about plants going through "fashion cycles", and while I love the purple wandering jew from yesterday's post, spider plants just remind me of the 1970's (and I don't mean that in a good way).
    Part of the problem is that most were not grown very well (certainly not the beauties you're sharing today), but everyone thought the poor plants were thriving because they stubbornly refused to die.

  2. I was not around in the 70's so that is why I feel these are lovely, and its about time almost 40 years later they should be allowed to make a comeback!!! :)

  3. This is my favorite post so far. You are creative and interactive, and my favorite display is just the sweet little mess of them propagating in a clear vase. I love the promise of a fresh, new plant! Much more thick and vibrant than most non-variegated blades and much more economical as well.


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