wednesday morning garden scenes

Dreamy garden scenes. Photos from the Del Mar Fair in San Diego. I love the purple wandering jew, one of my favorite plants, creeping out of that nightstand.
I wish it would stop raining here in Jersey. I've got planting to do! It's been 4 days and its not looking to stop anytime soon. Woof.


  1. Oh, yes I could live there and be oh, so happy!

  2. Was purple wandering jew in that pot you made me last year? I LOVED it, but it is sadly no longer with us...

    I brought it in the house last fall and it did well, but when we moved Cristian left it in the garage and it got too!

  3. Beautiful....but then it is San Diego and everything volunteers to grow there, I know, I lived there! Happy Wednesday to you!

  4. yes wandering jew was in the pot from last year!

  5. It's so hard to locate those purple wandering jew plants now - funny how plants go through fashion cycles too!


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