it's container planting season!

It's my favorite time of year. Mother's day keeps me busy with my etsy shop, and I free lance at a local florist with fresh flowers for the big day. As soon as all the mother's have their flowers and we get a day or two off, my friend Julie and I jump full speed into our container gardening business, Fresh Art Plantings. We do container gardening/ plantings in Short Hills, Millburn, Summit, Livingston and the surrounding New Jersey areas.

I love getting filthy and covered in dirt. I also love heading to the wholesale greenhouses and picking out color palettes and mixing textures. This year will be slightly difficult being almost 8 months pregnant but I think I can manage :)

for more of my container plantings go here.

Would you be interested in a DIY tutorial for your summer planters?
Start by picking out some planters (my suggestions here) and join me back here in a few weeks!


  1. Your container plants are gorgeous...

  2. How beautiful.

    And yes, I am interested!!!

  3. I did all kind of gardening stuff prego. I love it, just try not to lift heavy things ans you'll be ok.


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