fresh art plantings postcard

Fresh Art Plantings will be flourishing in May. We do container plantings in Short Hills, Summit, Millburn and the surrounding New Jersey areas. We design lush gardens for your containers or help you choose the right container and color palette to match your outdoor settings. Give us a call today for a free estimate and to be added to our NJ list!

A few more photos of container gardens from Fresh Art Plantings:

This year I went with moocards for our postcards and was not disappointed! They did a wonderful professional job that saved me a lot of time and energy doing it myself. I highly recommend them.


  1. Oh my gosh. The yard in that last photo is ridiculous! It looks like a courtyard at a museum!

  2. Awesome stuff Tina! Hope you have a great season!

  3. Gorgeous! And thanks for sending me some summer!

  4. Fantastic, lush, colorful, exuberant, uncontainable!!!!


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