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Happy Earth Day! It's that time of year, the soil is moist from the heavy rains and trees are bursting with new lime green leaves. I have the urge to dig in the soil, plant something new and pull out obnoxious weeds. Well now I am an apartment dweller, but that is not stopping me from planting a few of these:
They are seed bombs, these are found at visualingual which are compressed soil full of wildflower seeds native to the area you live in. Black eyed susans, cornflower, poppies, sweet william, wild sunflowers and much more. Oh how wonderful. What a perfect thoughtful mother's day present and at $7 a muslin bag you cant go wrong.
Seed bombs are perfect for earth day, they have a rich green history. Back in the 70's they were called seed grenades and started the guerrilla gardening method. These seed grenades were made of water, fertilizer and local wildflower seeds packaged into condoms, glass ornaments or balloons and then tossed over fences into vacant New York City lots to beautify the neighborhoods. These guerrilla methods are still used today with small groups of green bandits that sneak out into the night with shovels and seed bombs headed for abandoned lots and neglected spaces. Sounds fun to me!

Vanessa Harden is a pioneer in guerrilla gardening during the day. She has designed ways such as biodegradable balloons filled with seed bomb ingredients and helium that spread their love once they've dropped. Vanessa has also come up with other inconspicuous gardening gadgets such as this one that hooks onto your shoe and lays seeds as you walk:

After all my research, I've decided I will get into guerrilla gardening myself and will be planting some seed bombs. Enjoy your earth day!

for more information on guerrilla gardening visit here:
guerilla gardening: a manifesto
on guerrilla gardening book- found at anthropologie


  1. What ingenious ideas! i've never heard of these before, so extra thanks for sharing! love 'em.

  2. Its almost a play on flower child.

  3. Thanks so much for including our little seed bombs in your post, and for all of the background information you've given on guerrilla gardening.


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