hanging air plant pods

I came across these lovely hanging air plant pods from fellow etsy artist mudpuppy after my previous air plant post. But oh how I love these so much, they deserve their own post! They remind me of the sky planters but with air plants using them in a modern way.

In other great news, flores del sol is spinning around the front page for the next few days featuring the dear mother design in their "love for mom at all costs" blog article. What a great way to start the week!


  1. Those air plants look awesome. When I first looked at them I thought that they were accent lights with plants growing from them...unique...love them....LOTS

  2. Hi Christina!

    Eek, posted in the wrong section the first time ...
    I found your sites through apartment therapy. What a beautiful family and beautiful life you've created for yourself. I think you studied horticulture and worked in floral design? What advice can you give to someone just starting out, thinking of switching careers? I'm about to have a family and wanted work I love, not work to suck away my soon-to-be precious time and energy. I have taken some floral classes and did a brief apprenticeship a couple of years ago. I am in the NYC area. Any input you could give would be much appreciated!!! THANKS ---Alice

  3. Oh my how awesome! Love them! I need to find me some air plants... I've checked at all the local stores to no avail. I may have to resort to ordering online! Any suggestions (besides asking them to pack them better)? I don't have a clue as to what types I should get or anything!

  4. Alice- I hope you get this comment! I did study horticuture and have a Bachelors degree in it with emphasis in floral design. I also studied art and business.
    Advice I would give is if you want a career would be to work and learn as much as you can getting practice in a florist with an accomplished designer before you try and make it on your own. Also if you are trying to make it on the internet, photography skills are greatly needed!
    --I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions and you can email me at flowersofthesun[at]gmail . com

  5. Erin- I have been happy with the ones i've ordered form airplantcity. I ordered a mix of them so I am not sure the exact varieties! a few were the telufolia blue and sm juncea. I dont think you would go wrong ordering any of them!

  6. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for your kind words. You have a really beautiful blog, and I just love your flower arrangements!

  7. I love those hanging plants, how cute! And congrats on the article!

    PS> you won the Lisa Roy giveaway on my blog! Yay! Can you please email me at spotty_zebra@hotmail.com to let me know which wristlet or iphone/ipod cover you want from her shop, along with your mailing info? Thanks!


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