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Happy spring monday friends! I had a wonderful Easter weekend. I spent Saturday in the city eating lunch in Herold Square and going to the circus at MSG with my husband and two little girls. Sunday was spent reflecting on the Easter meaning and listening to inspiring messages... along with making crepes, eating tons of candy and enjoying my girls excitement from their found Easter baskets. Did you enjoy your Easter?

I don't normally post every time an item of mine makes the front page on etsy but, I loved this treasury today that Garden State Vintage was apart of! It was made by lynndavid and I've been following her blog for a while now!
So fresh, so vibrant. Sunflowers are my favorite flower and it fits well with the weather we've been having here in Jersey lately. Thanks Vanessa!
Ironic though. I noticed my store on the front page and went back to it a while later only to find my vintage buttercup bowls were no longer there. SOLD! I thought with excitement. But for some odd reason it was not registering in my sold orders. Apparently my vintage bowl listing hit its 3 month max and expired at the moment it was on the front page! UGH what are the odds!? So they are re-listed back in my shop awaiting a new comfy home to brighten up!

Dear friends, I am currently a finalist for a DIY Wedding on Ruffled Blog with my Moss and Milk Glass Centerpieces! I would love to have you check it out and cast a friendly vote for #3 here... hint hint... or whichever you like best, just vote!



  1. Congrats Tina...that is really nice that you were on the front page. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  2. Christina...thanks so much for the mention in your blog post! Congrats to us all on the FP! :)

    Glad you had a great Easter!

  3. Congrats! What a lovely Treasury!

    Off to go vote!


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