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what a fine weekend. I listed 2 new mossy mounds in vintage milk glass:

Also, I ended up on etsy's front page twice in these two fantastic treasuries.
When I get a link to a treasury I've been added to, sometimes I can just tell the creative ones with a design eye that will make the front page. Like this one by urbanrevisions. I love the geometric shapes with the soft pops of color:

and this one by dawncorrespondence. im liking the subtle wood tones:

If only i had that talent! How was your weekend? I took advantage of my husband being home early to watch my little girls as I ran to my favorite supply greenhouses, only to find them closed due to a light dusting of snow. Ugh. I guess its my crazy buffalo blizzard shell I've had since birth that had me chuckling at the sight of the closed gates.


  1. Look at you rocking the treasuries! Love them. These moss ones are so lovely. You are so good with this!

  2. Hi! I saw the front page by urbanrevisions...gorgeous! I'm laughing at your Buffalo snow comment. Yeah, we wouldn't close those gates!!!

  3. Thanks for posting my treasury! Obviously, I love your work :) Glad to have found you...


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