birds eye view

another post of color for the grey skies of january. This is a collection of aerial photos of the rainbows of tulip fields in Northern Holland:

Some 60 million tulips bloom in these photos. More than 3 billion grow each year in Holland and two thirds of the crops are sent to the US and Germany. Holland is a place that I would love to visit. Next time you spot a fresh cut bunch of these beauties remember these gorgeous linear photos!

images: 1- potatoebread flickr, 2,3- daily, 4- potatoebread flickr, 5-pauljoshbrennan flickr, 6 daily 7-jackpesik nl


  1. Wow, this is amazing! I've visited some tulip fields in Holland, Michigan...but now those just don't compare!

    What a great pick-me-up for this dead of winter day. :)

  2. Whoa, thats really cool. I'd like a quilt that looks like that.

  3. I know, it is incredible. The Runnunculus fields in Carlsbad are very tiny but still gorgeous. xx


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